Research with HealthyVOICES and

A large part of the appeal for me of a cultural studies orientation to research is its intense commitment to modes of collaborative (rather than individualized) research. Working together transdisciplinarily enables us to arrive at richer and better understandings of our world. On this page, you will find links to the published products of my involvement with a research project led by Dr. Jill Fisher of the Center for Bioethics at UNC. Funded by the National Institutes of Health, the project began as a 5-year study exploring the participation of healthy volunteers in Phase I clinical trials in the U.S. The study has since been renewed to more specifically address the ethical, policy, and translational issues of Phase I clinical trials. I serve as a research assistant on the project: editing and verifying transcripts, conducting interviews, participating in research meetings, and collaborating on manuscripts. Our forthcoming article, [currenty under review] represents the convergence of the Healthy Voices project data and interest in the cultural study of economics.

Speculating on Precarious Income: Finance Cultures and the Risky Strategies of Healthy Volunteers in Clinical Drug Trials
Fisher JA, Wood MW, Monahan T.
Healthy Volunteers’ Perceptions of Risk in U.S. Phase I Clinical Trials: A Mixed-Methods Study
Fisher JA, McManus L, Cottingham MD, Kalbaugh JM, Wood MW, Monahan T, Walker RL (2018).
PLOS Medicine 15 (11): e1002698.
Healthy Volunteers’ Perceptions of the Benefits of their Participation in Phase I Clinical Trials
Fisher JA, McManus L, Wood MW, Cottingham MD, Kalbaugh JM, Monahan T, Walker RL (2018). Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics 13 (5): 494-510.