Conjuncturally Teaching: Cultural Studies Pedagogy Beyond Common

This chapter is published in the excellent collection Cultural Studies in the Classroom and Beyond: Critical Pedagogies and Classroom Strategies. In it, rather than approaching the question of pedagogy and Cultural Studies as the need to develop (or formalize or assess) methods, texts, assignments, or forms of authority in the classroom for cultural studies, I ask what it might mean to teach and practice Cultural Studies as a particular pedagogical sensibility. This approach presumes that pedagogy concerns a realm of force extending well beyond formal education and the classroom, and so the responsibility of practitioners of cultural studies is much broader than the classroom, even as the classroom is a very specific site in which public pedagogy takes place. I describe some of what this responsibility to conjunctural thinking has looked like for my own and my undergraduate students’ experiences practicing cultural studies in the “Cultural Studies classroom,” ultimately arguing that Cultural Studies does not have a pedagogy; it is a pedagogy: its purpose, through its intellectual work and within the conditions of its given context, is to invigorate critical thinking and praxis, knowledge production, and change in new and important ways.

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