Megan M. Wood

Department of Communication
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I am a U.S.-based writer and researcher currently finishing my Ph.D. in the Department of Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I approach researching and teaching through the lens of cultural studies–an intellectual field and critical practice that has enabled me to develop a transdisciplinary, collaborative, and context-driven research program focused on the connections between different forms of media, formations of identity, and political and popular cultures.

My research is currently organized around three different areas of inquiry: the cultural politics of the “new” corporation, the historical and political dimensions of the figure of “the white working class,” and the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of surveillance in everyday life.

I also write and present regularly on the histories and responsibilities of the practice of cultural studies and on teaching cultural studies, and am actively conspiring with others to build better, accessible spaces for enabling the kinds of transdisciplinary, collaborative work we ought to do. You can read more about each of these in the “Research Projects” section of my site.

You can find me on Twitter here, or contact me through this site!

Background in Brief


Christopher Newport University 2007 - 2011

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Christopher Newport University in Newport News Virginia in 2011. I also earned a minor in Leadership Studies and completed the President’s Leadership Program, which, through placement in local interships and engagement in volunteer work, exposed me to the value of public institutions and the power of civic engagement.

While at CNU, I worked on a research team led by Michaela Meyer doing various critical and qualitative analyses of emerging adult TV viewers. You’ll find some of this work profiled in the research boxes below.

University of South Florida 2011 - 2013

From Virginia, I moved to Tampa, Florida and earned a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies with a specialty in Media and Cultural Studies in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of South Florida. I worked under Rachel Dubrofsky, and served as the editorial assistant for Rachel’s and Shoshana Magnet’s Feminist Surveillance Studies anthology published with Duke University Press and published some research in that area of study.

While in Tampa, I also co-founded a creative design and consulting company that offers media and consulting services to individuals, small businesses, academic organizations, and nonprofit groups. oneDegree Media Group is now flourishing in North Carolina. As a reflection of our mission, oneDegree recently appeared at Civics: Design’s Duty, an event asking how professionals and citizens can engage in aiding civic and social progress through the levers of design and technology.

University of North Carolina 2014 - Present

Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate writing my dissertation in the Department of Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, working under the advisement of Lawrence Grossberg and with the financial assistance of a fellowship from the UNC Graduate School.

Since I’ve been at UNC, I have organized funded conferences (e.g. Feminisms Here and Now) and workshops (e.g. The NOW Retreat), collaborated on externally-funded research teams (e.g. Healthyvoices/CMORE), and served as an Associate Member Representative for the Surveillance Studies Network. I’ve also published and presented individual and collaborative research internationally on a variety of topics, including the histories and pedagogies of Cultural Studies, surveillance and social media, the cultural economy of clinical trial participation, Trumpism, and the recurring political figure of the white working-class (see Research Projects tab for more info).

In addition to my regular teaching agenda, I also teach a self-paced, by-mail correspondence courses for a college credit program exclusively for people incarcerated in the state of North Carolina. I developed the course in 2015 in partnership with my department and the William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education, and both it and the broader Correctional Education Program continue to develop in exciting ways.

I currently manage the UNC Cultural Studies certificate program, serve as a communication consultant for the UNC School of Government Leading with Results program, and am collaborating with a handful of colleagues on building an online platform for emerging cultural studies scholars to network, collectively develop, and productively translate cultural studies work.


Feel free to contact me regarding questions, copies of my work, interviews and speaking engagements, or to collaborate!

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